The following three major brands have mastered how to create a television advertisement in a creative, storytelling manner. They do not have to directly say to the audience, “buy this product” or “this brand is the best.” Their stories are doing that for them, and they are building more of a strong connection with their audiences.

Dove: Legacy

In this commercial, women discuss the things they do not like about their bodies and how these things could have an effect on their daughters. They write these insecurities down on a piece of paper, and their daughters also write a list. The women believe this is a list of things the girls also do not like about themselves. But the audience and the mothers later find out that their daughters’ lists are actually features they do like about themselves. The mothers learn how they feel about their bodies reflects how their daughters feel about their bodies as well.

Branding positioning statement: Healthy self-esteem inspiration.

Nike: Together Lebron James

In this commercial, Lebron James is back in Cleveland. He gives an inspiring speech to his team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. The speech is about how the team owes so much to the city because of how special the city is, how the city stands behind the team. People of the city congregate in the streets, and chant, “Together,” while the team huddles on the court. At the end, everyone yells together, “Cleveland,” and everyone raises their fist in unison, showing their support for James and the Cavaliers.

Branding positioning statement: Together we make dreams come true.

GE: The Boy Who Beeps

In this commercial, a healthy baby boy is born to a perfectly normal set of parents. His parents are told that he will be fine. Throughout the commercial, the little boy becomes older and older. When he opens his mouth to speak, only a beep comes out. He can talk to machines, and mysterious things happen, such as the lights flicker on and off and traffic lights turn from red to green. The little boy meets a little girlfriend, and at night when they are watching the stars, he turns off all the lights in the city. And finally, he speaks to her in English rather than through beeps.

Branding positioning statement: A little insight transforms the world.