Dowler’s Tractors Sales & Service

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Logo designed by Blair Dowler.

Focus: Dowler’s Tractor Sales & Service would like a 45 second commercial detailing their upcoming relocation. It will be featured as a television commercial and placed on the organization’s Facebook page. The spot will feature Kathi Dowler, the owner, talking about how the brand’s journey to this spot and the new journey it is about to take by relocating. She will also focus on how the brand values its follower, and she hopes they will follow Dowler’s Tractor Sales & Service to the new location.

• Consumers potentially not following the brand to the new building.
• Seasonable business – will the brand expand with the new location?
• Small staff – will the small staff be able to fit the new image of the brand in the new location?

Audience: Current and potential customers; men in Mid-Ohio Valley 25 years of age and older.

Content Points:
• Dowler’s Tractor Sales & Service is the same friendly, good quality, small town business consumer’s have come to know and love.
• Moving to a new building will allow the business to provide better service.
• New building will reflect the good quality of the service, the brand and the products.
• The brand hopes the consumers will stick by them during the move.

Brand: Friendly and reliable, hometown dealership.

Appalachian Prison Book Project


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Focus: Appalachian Book Project would like a two to five minute short video featuring a current prisoner and a former prisoner who were part of the Appalachian Prison Book Project. Both will detail the books they read and how they have helped to rehabilitate them. Donors will see how the former prisoner is a now contributing member of society, and that is due in part to the Appalachian Prison Book Project and the countless books he or she was able to read. The short documentary will be on the organization’s Facebook page and their website. Hopefully, it will go viral.

• The concept overall.
• Donors do not want to send money or supplies to convicted criminals.
• Most people do not see how this project can help society.

Audience: Millennials in the Appalachian region. These individuals would be willing to donate books to rehabilitate and become functioning members of society once more.

Content Points:
• Appalachian Prison Book Project needs donors and volunteers.
• The prisoners really benefit from the books and the stories.
• People make mistakes, but we can help make them meaningful members of our society.
• This Project helps the Appalachian region.
• These prisoners can change their lives and you can help by donating or volunteering.

Brand: Books and stories save lives.