Budweiser Gives Epic Lyft Home – 2014 Holiday Commercial

Video Audio
1. Wide shot of landscape of Boston, MA. Light music in the background.
2. Opens to a wide shot of the outside of a bar in Boston with the text “This holiday season, Budweiser (bold) is teaming up with Lyft (bold) to get #HolidayBuds home safe. Same light music in the background
3. Scene moves directly to inside the bar with people. Still light music, but add laughter and sound of movement.
4. Another wide shot of two girls on cell phone. One has Budweiser bottle in her hand, and the other is ordering a Lyft car. Lyft screen is in the background. Same light music.
5. Lyft vehicle with pink mustache on the front pulls up and a male gets in the car. Same light music.
6. Scene moves to two guys with the words, “But we’re bringing a very special ride with us.” Same light music.
7. Camera moves to right to show a horse drawn carriage First guy in plaid shirt say, “What?!” Both laugh. Music still in the background.
8. Clydesdale horses continue to come into the shot. Horses are wearing the Lyft pink mustache, and pulling a carriage. One male asks, “Is that our Lyft?”
9. Quickly moves to shot of the drivers of the carriage. Two men dressed in suits with hats and a Dalmatian. Carriage has Budweiser logo on it. First driver asks, “Did you request a Lyft?” Music is still playing.
10. Wide shot moves directly to a couple from the left. The couple is looking up at the carriage. Both are laughing, and female says, “This is not what we were expecting!”

Music is still playing.

11. Cuts back to the two males with the camera shooting from behind them. Males are looking up at the carriage drivers. Other male asks, “Where do you we get on?”

Music is still playing.

12. Shot from underneath the carriage of the horses hooves walking. Walking noise of the horse and the carriage with the music still playing. Music gets louder, and viewers can now tell it’s a Christmas song.
13. Wide shot of two drivers, Dalmatian and a new couple in the background taking a “selfie” from an iPhone. Holiday music.
14. Moves directly to a close up of the couple face. Both are smiling as if taking a picture. Holiday music continuing.
15. Then moves directly again to another shot of the two drivers with the Dalmatian with two females in the back laughing with each other. Text appears saying, “Round up your #HolidayBuds and make a plan to make it home safely this holiday season.” The female on the left says, “Definitely the best ride I’ve had in a long time.”
16. Moves directly to a red screen with a wooden cooler/case that says, “Budweiser Lager Beer Made in America.” Budweiser glass bottles are sticking out the top of the ice. Budweiser logo is on the right with the phrase “Round up your #HolidayBuds” beneath it. Holiday music continues and fades out.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Presents: Starting Line-Up: Cyber Week

Video Audio
1. Three kids sitting on a couch in a living room, facing a television with a Christmas tree in the background. Two males, one female. Female sits in the middle. Older boy on the left eats a bowl of cereal, while female reads a book. Younger boy is watching television. Noise of the football game on the television.
2. Camera moves to the right to show Dad behind a counter/DJ booth with smoke coming out of a machine. Smoke and laser noises start.
3. Close-up shot on the female, and then goes to the shot of an iPad and back to her. Smoke and laser noises continue with music beginning. She says, “They’re about to get all their Christmas shopping done at Dicks.com.
4. Camera moves back to a wide shot of the right with Dad on a microphone and mom coming in a in a track suit. It then moves back to a close up of the female child rolling her eyes, and back to a close up of Dad. Dad says, “Starting with mom, hailing from Green Hill Road, standing 5’9” – Your Christmas shopping MVP. I love her a lot!”
5. Moves to a close up of mom turning around with her head down, holding a towel around her neck. Mom slowly looks up, and moves quickly to close up of Dad, still yelling into the microphone. Dad yells, “MOM!”
6. Moves to a wide shot of outside the house, peering in through the window to see the kids on the couch. Goes quiet for a second.
7. Moves quickly back into the house. Mom runs by the kids on the couch, trying to slap each kid’s hand. The two older children barely pay attention, while the younger boy watches her in amazement. Music is still bumping in the background, and Dad is continuing to yell, “MOOOOMMMM!”
8. Close up back on the young female. Music continues.
9. Shoots back over to the DJ booth with Dad, and Mom comes by to give him a five. Music continues.
10. Close up shot of the young smiling boy’s face. Music continues
11. Wide shot of Dad and Mom. Dad says, “Please rise for your national anthem.” Music continues.
12. Wide shot to the kids as they stand up from the couch. Young female takes off older brother’s hat. Drum roll begins.
13. Shoots to a close up of an iPad, an iPhone and a laptop with the Dick’s website or app up on each. Little boy runs up behind, and the camera gets a close up of his face with the devices. Voiceover says, ‘Shop Dicks.com from any device, anywhere, anytime for our biggest cyber event ever.”

Music still plays.

14. Shoots a green screen with the text ‘Every season starts at” and the Dick’s logo with “Free shipping & returns” below. Music still playing, and the voiceover continues with, “More deals and better values from the best brands.”