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With each new wave of technology, people receive information in new ways. It is imperative that people keep up, and these people include not only consumers, but they also include marketers and media makers.

For consumers, emerging media matters because they are in need of the information. If they do not keep up with emerging media trends, they will not receive information they want or need. For marketers, they want to be on the same page as consumers. If targeted consumers are interested in obtaining information via Twitter, marketers want to make sure they are up-to-date on the trend of Twitter. They must be able to use the medium effectively.

And with the mobile and digital world that we are living in, emerging media has a persistent impact on our lives because we are all in contact at all times. With the phones in our hands, marketers can reach consumers at any time. This allows for an abundance of messages. But marketers must be clever and strategic enough to break through all the clutter to get through all the messages out there in this social, digital and mobile world.

Consumers want to feel special, and they are also finicky. They change their minds and their social platforms all the time. So marketers are not the correct platform or up on the latest trend in emerging media, consumers may not pick up on the product or service being offered. These products and services, along with the important information about these products and services, must be easily accessible. If they are not, these products and services will not be a success.


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