As marketers, readers, consumers and so on, we are always looking for ways to filter through the enormous amount of media we receive each day. And a new form of social media is trying to do just that.

In November 2014, Atlantic Media launched the beta of “This.,” a new social media site to help people find and share the web’s best articles, stories and ideas with Andrew Golis as head of the digital project.

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This. ( is currently an invite-only social media network with the goal of being a platform for newsworthy, top-rated links to great quality content. This new social media received its name from a prevalent Twitter convention in which Tweeters manually retweet a tweet and endorse it by writing the phrase “This.” in front of it.

With the launch of beta, the platform added new features to help users create their communities to fit their interests. The new features included:

  1. Ability to invite five people to use This.
  2. Follow button to see user’s profile links.
  3. Ability to see who’s following you and receive alerts when someone follows you on the activity page and via email.
  4. Addition of “Why This?,” an optional field where users can offer a comment or thought when sharing a link.
  5. Users who are not logged in or registered will now be able to see user shelves.
  6. The day will now begin and end at midnight West Coast time for the purpose of the one link per day limit.

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As more people, including those in the media, catch wind of this site, they are dying for an exclusive invitation. And as more invitations are disseminated and This. continues to grow, it is interesting to think about how it will fit into the marketing and social media mix.

If it becomes popular among marketers and businesses, they will have to really narrow down what message is most important to disseminate that day. With This., Golis wanted to take advantage of the benefits of social sharing but urge sharers to be “spare and judicious” in their suggestions and posts to others.

As the social media manager for the WVU College of Business and Economics Office of Communications and Marketing, I send out several tweets and Facebook posts each day. With This., I would have to have a strong, strategic message to the College’s audience. As well, we have several different audiences, including students, faculty, employers, alumni, donors and so on. The audience will be another factor to consider. Who is the most important audience that day? Who is the demographic on This.?

Will this really be a way to get through all the clutter of media?