Mobile is important. SEO is important. And it is important within the emerging media realm to use them together. And while marketers believe they already are, there should be a distinct difference between mobile SEO and its desktop parallel. They should be treated differently.


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Search is the most common starting point for mobile online research, so it is important to optimize this. And to do this correctly, marketers must fully understand their audience and their mobile habits. They must also fully understand their products and brand. This will have an impact on the type of mobile optimization used: responsive design, dynamic serving or separate mobile site.

Additionally, it is integral to be pay extra close attention to the basics when it comes to optimizing content from a mobile a perspective, such as ensuring redirects go to the correct page.

Marketers also have to be specific with their advanced tactics, such as voice search. They should include geographic indicators in content to aid in localization and generate content that answers questions that the specific audience would ask. nexusae0_VoiceSearch-Thumb

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As marketers continue to increase their mobile marketing efforts, new technologies and strategies will come about, so optimization has to be an on-going structural and organizational project. And overall, marketers must remember to be super specific with mobile SEO.