The world has been waiting patiently for the more details and the release of the Apple Watch. And now, at least the details are finally here. At a high-profile event on Monday, March 9, Apple revealed several details. Some were surprises, and others were not.

Prices start at $349 for lower end models and go clear up to $17,000. It will also be available for sale on April 24. As well, the digital giant also disclosed some of the watch’s proficiencies. Apple Watch users can use the device to hail a cab, use Siri for audio texts and apps like WeChat. The watch’s features also focus on fitness and fashion.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook told Ad Age, “”The Apple Watch is the most advanced timepiece ever created. It’s a revolutionary new way to connect with others and it’s a comprehensive health and fitness companion.”


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But there are a lot who do not agree. Some have posted on Facebook and other social outlets that the potential for the Apple Watch was so much more.

Even though the watch may have interesting features like a fitness app and it may be fashionable, the other features do not really make it diverse from other Apple products like the iPhone or iPad. Initially Apple lovers will buy the Apple Watch due to the name Apple, but the company will have to do more to continue the sales.

Many consumers already have devices that perform most of the of functions that the Apple Watch does, so they will have to market it in a sense that it will complement or as a major convenience or ease of life. The company will have to take to emerging media to make sure it is out there, such as blogs, social media, real-time advertising and much more.

Another question to pose is how will the new watch play into mobile advertising? Will this device pick it up as well? We shall see.