Wendy’s has leaped into the action arena with the use of GoPro. Now, Wendy’s might have its employees or consumers jumping out of airplanes or making major jumps in snowboarding like Redbull has, but it using the device to tell its story.

Within the past couple weeks, Wendy’s launched a web video titled “Wendy’s Romaine Lettuce Journey.” In this video, a point-of-view camera follows a head of romaine lettuce from the farm to the Wendy’s restaurant. Fast-food chain restaurants have talked about their fresh ingredients straight from the farm, but many have not proven it or talked about the journey until now.


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This is also new approach for Wendy’s when it comes to the type of advertising message. Rather than the usual advertising based around limited-time products, the fast-food brand is using GoPro to tell it “big brand story about freshness.” This is a good move for Wendy’s, as it may appear that consumers do not know much about the Wendy’s brand and what it stands for.

How will other marketers use GoPro now? It has been taken out of the action-type marketing initiative with Wendy’s, so marketers in other industries,like clothing retail or even education, have to wonder how they can use it.

Additionally, GoPro shares fell by 5.4% recently. It is the lowest it has been in several months, and it could be due to Chinese manufacturer, Xiaomi, announcing a 16 megapixel camera to compete with GoPro. Hopefully, Wendy’s use may be able to help GoPro revive.